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Trust Security Services


Trust Security Services provides security guards services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Trust’s security guards provide a visible presence that prevents criminal activity. Sharp, professional security guards project a strong image that is unmatched by mechanical security devices. The mere presence of professional security guards serves as an effective deterrent to would-be criminals. Trust Security Services security guards are disciplined on duty and professional in demeanor. Their vigilance on duty results in them noticing signs of criminal behavior that others may not notice. Security guards participate in ongoing training programs to handle and be prepared for any work environment. Regardless of whether they are providing event security, community security, security patrol, emergency security, construction security, or general guard services, Trust Security Services security guards consistently exceed clients expectations of exceptional service. There is no such thing as an effective one size fits all approach to security. Security guards methods, tools and uniforms are customized to fit your needs. Trust Security Services security guards uniforms are determined by the work environment. Traditionally security guards wear police style uniforms. Blazers with security insignias are often a great solution for higher end work environment. In urban environments tactical BDU style uniforms may be used. Trust Security Services security guards will exceed your service expectations regardless of the site. Their dedicated team of professionals will maintain safety and security. Over the years Trust Security has become recognized as the security company of choice by clients across Maryland, Washington and Virginia who demand the best security services.


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