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HERO CENTRAL: Rainbow Community Development Center | News

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HERO CENTRAL: Rainbow Community Development Center


WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- What looks like the produce section of the grocery store is really the food pantry of the Rainbow Community Development Center. Charrell Adagala from Springbrook High School, drops off food from her food drive at least once a week.

Charell Adagala says, "When I started it, I did it just for the school work, but then, the more I did it, I realized how much I was actually impacting other people. It's a warm feeling I can't really describe it."

Veggies provide nutrition especially to children and seniors. Executive Director, Patricia Drumming says,"They're very grateful that they have fresh produce. Because a lot of clients, because of health needs, they don't eat the canned food items, so they're grateful to be able to get fresh produce."

Sixteen-year old Charrell helps out with one big part of the Rainbow Community Development Center. But like the colors of the rainbow, there are other layers to this non-profit. Such as offering literacy skills and providing job readiness training.

In Montgomery County there are approximately 50,000 people living in poverty, that's about 5.7 percent. And with healthy and nutritious food becoming so expensive, it's the least likely to be purchased.

Anita Kent-Griffin, is one of about 100 families the pantry serves each week. She says she's grateful to have the help from the pantry for her children and herself. "It helps me when I run out of food at home. I know that I can always come here," she says. "So I pray to God today that they do not shut her down."

Patricia Drumming says, "It's wonderful to know that you can help people that really need the help, that you can make a difference in their life."

Although Charrell told JC Hayward about her passion for volunteering at the food bank, she says her friends really don't know about it. Well today, her secret's out!




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