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Photo Gallery | Pedestrian Safety Improvements on Castle Boulevard


On Wednesday, September 21st, we stopped by Castle Boulevard off of Briggs Chaney Road in Silver Spring to celebrate pedestrian and traffic safety improvements installed by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation with County Executive Isiah Leggett and County Councilmember Nancy Navarro.

      "We've had a number of pedestrian collisions here on Castle Boulevard, nine collisions occurred over a three year period, including two pedestrian crashes. It's because of this that we provided a safety initiative that addressed pedestrian safety in 2007. As a result of this initiative and the addition of police officers to reinforce this initiative, the number of pedestrian collisions and excessive speeding has decreased. If you look at the speed compared to a few months ago, there is a significant decline," explained Leggett.


 Councilmember Nancy Navarro had asked MCDOT to study what could be done on Castle Boulevard to address concerns about speeding and safe walking on behalf of the community.  The speed study found that 21 percent of drivers were driving 10 miles or more over the speed limit of 30 miles an hour. 

“ This particular area has been a priority for me since I took office, the pedestrian safety enhancements introduced on Castle Boulevard are an important step toward improving the quality of life in the Briggs Chaney neighborhood,” said Councilmember Nancy Navarro. 


The traffic calming measures installed on Castle Boulevard included new concrete bump-outs and pedestrian refuge islands; modified curbs, gutters and sidewalks to ensure compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act standards; relocated bus stops to improve safety for transit users; enhanced crossings at bus stops; and installed new traffic signs and pavement markings.

Pedestrian safety Coordinator, Jeff Dunckel ensured that the traffic calming design would compliment bikers and give them an avenue to use instead of sharing the road with cars.


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